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Release Notes for Klaytn v1.2.0

Highlight - The first official release of Service Chain

We are pleased to announce that this version officially supports Service Chain. Service Chain is Klaytn’s layer-2 solution designed to achieve horizontal scalability. Service chains run independently from the Klaytn main chain and can have own governance. To learn more about the Service Chain, please visit

New Features

  • Service Chain features
  • Data anchoring: Service chain data can be anchored to a parent chain via ChainDataAnchoring transaction.
  • Cross-chain value transfer: KLAY and KCT can be transferred between a service chain and a parent chain.
  • High Availability: Multiple bridge nodes can be set up in an H/A configuration to reduce downtime due to accidental hardware/software failure.
  • New APIs for Service Chain
  • klay_getDecodedAnchoringTransactionByHash
  • subbridge_getParentOperatorBalance
  • subbridge_getChildOperatorBalance
  • subbridge_getAnchoringTxHashByBlockNumber
  • subbridge_getValueTransferOperatorThreshold
  • subbridge_setValueTransferOperatorThreshold
  • subbridge_registerOperator
  • subbridge_getRegisteredOperators


  • Fixed a race condition in txpool.


  • Only unlocked tokens can be moved across chains.
Last modified 2mo ago