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Release Notes

This version includes changes for the protocol upgrade and enables the upgrade for Baobab network at block #80295291, estimated for January 11th, 2022. All nodes in the Baobab testnet need to be upgraded to this version before the stated block number.

Protocol Upgrade for Baobab Network

  • Introduces BaseFee EVM opcode for Ethereum London EVM compatibility (#1065, #1066, #1096)
  • Sets the London EVM hard-fork block number for Baobab network (#1080)

New Features

  • Introduces PN spam throttler (#1092)
  • Adds a txpool flag denying remote txs from peers (#1075)
  • Updates homi to set hard-fork block numbers (#1070, #1082)


  • Enabled parsing of solc v0.8 output format (#1030)


  • Updated the version of golang syscall library to support Go 1.17 for darwin/amd64 (#1048)
  • Fixed to not drop local transactions when node restarts (#1084)
  • Fixed the delayed update of governance data on epoch blocks (#1089)


  • Reverted to Pending Block support (#1064)
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