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We are pleased to announce that this version officially supports Service Chain. Service Chain is Klaytn’s layer-2 solution designed to achieve horizontal scalability. Service chains run independently from the Klaytn main chain and can have own governance. To learn more about the Service Chain, please visit https://docs.klaytn.foundation/klaytn/scaling-solutions.

  • Service Chain features
  • Data anchoring: Service chain data can be anchored to a parent chain via ChainDataAnchoring transaction.
  • Cross-chain value transfer: KLAY and KCT can be transferred between a service chain and a parent chain.
  • High Availability: Multiple bridge nodes can be set up in an H/A configuration to reduce downtime due to accidental hardware/software failure.
  • New APIs for Service Chain
  • klay_getDecodedAnchoringTransactionByHash
  • subbridge_getParentOperatorBalance
  • subbridge_getChildOperatorBalance
  • subbridge_getAnchoringTxHashByBlockNumber
  • subbridge_getValueTransferOperatorThreshold
  • subbridge_setValueTransferOperatorThreshold
  • subbridge_registerOperator
  • subbridge_getRegisteredOperators

  • Fixed a race condition in txpool.

  • Only unlocked tokens can be moved across chains.
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