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1. Environment Setup

1) Install Node.js (npm)

We recommend you install the latest Node LTS version for the caver-js compatibility.
  • Download Node.js (npm) from the official site: https://nodejs.org/
  • Install the package by clicking the download file.
  • Type $ node --version in your terminal to verify node has been successfully installed.
⚠ At the time of writing, the latest LTS version that is compatible with caver-js is 10.16.0. If you have a higher node version, caver-js cannot be installed. Reinstall the node or use NVM (Node Version Manager) to set up a stable environment.

2) Install Truffle

Truffle is a great tool for compiling and deploying contract files.
  • Type $ sudo npm install -g truffle in your terminal to install the truffle.
  • Type $ truffle version in your terminal to verify truffle has been installed successfully.
    Truffle v5.0.27
⚠ If the version is lower than 5, Install the truffle version 5. $ sudo npm install -g [email protected]
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