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About Klaytn Nodes

The Klaytn network is comprised of three types of nodes:

  • Consensus Node (CN): CNs are responsible for validating transactions and producing new blocks.
  • Proxy Node (PN): PNs relay transactions between CNs and ENs.
  • Endpoint Node (EN): ENs provide public access to the Klaytn network.

To participate in consensus and governance, you are required to run a CN. CNs must meet certain hardware and software requirements, and they must stake KLAY tokens.

You can also run a PN or EN to support the Klaytn network. PNs and ENs do not require staking, but they do require some technical expertise and resources.

This section provides all the necessary information to set up and operate an Endpoint Node, and contribute to the Klaytn network or configure and run a Consensus Node to participation in Klaytn's network governance.

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