Klaytn Docs
Development Environment
Klaytn Networks
  • Baobab testnet
  • Cypress mainnet
Endpoint Node
  • Endpoint Node is needed to connect to the Klaytn network and to issue an API call or send a transaction.
  • ken is a Klaytn Endpoint Node binary. ken exposes two interfaces, a command-line interface and the JSON-RPC APIs. ken runs on Linux and MacOS.
  • ken CLI comes with several utility and node management functions.
Smart Contract Development
  • Klaytn IDE - A browser-based compiler and IDE for the Klaytn smart contracts.
  • Truffle - An open-source tool for developing smart contracts in Solidity.
Klaytn SDKs
  • caver-js : A JavaScript library that implements the Klaytn JSON-RPC APIs.
  • caver-java : A Java library that implements the Klaytn JSON-RPC APIs.
Klaytn Toolkits
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