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Due to a compatibility issue, we strongly recommend to upgrade EN's binary to v0.9.6 if you have been running an EN with older versions (<= v0.8.2). If it is your first time upgrading the EN to v0.9.x and want to migrate the data from the older version, you must specify the option ADDITIONAL="--db.num-statetrie-partitions 1" in the configuration file when you install the newer version.
Currently, we release only Baobab packages.

Baobab Packages
Common Packages

Baobab Packages
Common Packages

  • Not supported yet

  • Fixed a bug in the governance.vote implementation
  • Removed an incorrect error check of ErrCodeStoreOutOfGas

  • Improved the service chain log messages

  • Fixed various code bugs

  • Enhanced node connection through bootnode
  • Enabled klay_sha3 API on JavaScript console
  • Added more test codes
  • Improved prometheus metrics

  • Reverted an unsafe change in v0.9.3

  • Updated the CI script

  • Resolved a reorg bug when the chain is split in Clique
  • Used timer to prevent endless waiting when writing a p2p message
  • Fixed various minor code bugs

  • Enabled selecting the consensus engine between Istanbul BFT and Clique PoA for service chain
  • Added Dockerfiles for go1.12.5
  • Improved prometheus metrics and logs

  • Made KEN be able to start without init procedure
  • Changed the default pool size for PN and EN in the conf files
  • Fixed duplicated configuration options
  • Fixed a data race bug

  • Added node type in NetworkInfo
  • Improved test codes, metrics, and log messages

  • Introduced new RPC API functions
    • governance_itemsAt
    • bridge_getBridgeInformation

  • Allowed fee-delegated transactions for non-existing sender
  • Made a large number of CNs fully connected
  • Dropped fastsync from the supported sync modes
  • Disabled UseOpcodeComputationCost in klay_call
  • Updated JSON output format of account and account key
  • Changed the default number of state trie partitions to 4
  • Fixed various code bugs

  • Improved the implementation of service and transaction resend logic
  • Used a worker pool in fetcher to limit goroutines for insertChain
  • Updated the node daemon configs
  • Enhanced test codes, metrics, and log messages

  • Added a test version of Cypress genesis block information
  • Hard-coded Cypress’ bootnode addresses
  • Introduced new RPC API functions
    • klay_clientVersion
    • klay_getTxGasHumanReadable
    • klay_sha3

  • Included senderTxHash for all transaction RPC outputs
  • Set the time margin for future block as one second
  • Stored consensus round number at the end of extraVanity
  • Resolved security vulnerability issues in the service chain contracts
  • Changed the default max connections for CN, PN, and EN to 100, 200, and 10, respectively
  • Fixed various code bugs

  • Introduced concurrent RLP encodings for the DB commit
  • Improved the block reward, governance, and service chain implementation
  • Enhanced the random shuffling of nodes in the node discovery
  • Improved prometheus metrics, log messages, and test codes
  • Added more unit tests
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