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Endpoint Node

Intended Audience

  • Anyone who wants to send transactions or query the state of Klaytn network using Klaytn APIs needs to do so via an Endpoint Node.
  • Endpoint Nodes are the interface to the Klaytn Network.

Endpoint Node Overview

An Endpoint Node has the following roles and functions.

  • Synchronize the blockchain data.
  • Validate the blocks newly received.
  • Handles query requests.
  • Transmits transaction requests to the Proxy Nodes.

The Endpoint Node install binary comes with the following interfaces and utilities.

  • JSON-RPC APIs: JSON-RPC server runs inside the node, and it exposes APIs for Blockchain Application development. It has several node management APIs as well.
  • Command-line Interface: Provides account management and node configuration functions. An interactive JavaScript console is also provided, that is attached to the node. JavaScript console implements most of the caver-js APIs.
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