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The chainConfig property provides the latest chain configuration. This is equivalent to chainConfigAt() with an empty parameter.

NOTE: In versions earlier than Klaytn v1.10.0, this API returned the initial chain configuration. However, due to its confusing name, it is updated since Klaytn v1.10.0. To query the initial chain configuration, use chainConfigAt(0) instead.

JSONRPC: governance_chainConfig



    method stringrequired

    Default value: governance_chainConfig

    Method name

    id int64required

    Default value: 1

    Request ID, Random or Auto incrementation

    jsonrpc stringrequired

    Default value: 2.0

    JSON-RPC Version (2.0)

    params array


Current chain configuration


    jsonrpc stringrequired

    Default value: 2.0

    id int64required



    code int64required

    A Number that indicates the error type that occurred. This MUST be an integer.

    | code | message | description | |-----|-----|-------| | -32700 | Parse error | invalid JSON was received by the server. An error occurred on the server while parsing the JSON text. | |-32602 | Invalid params | Invalid method parameter(s). |

    message string

    A String providing a short description of the error. The message SHOULD be limited to a concise single sentence.

    data string

    A Primitive or Structured value that contains additional information about the error. This may be omitted. The value of this member is defined by the Server (e.g. detailed error information, nested errors etc.).

    result object

    Current chain configuration

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