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Transaction Error Codes

Klaytn provides a field txError in the transaction receipt to give developers more information about the reason for the failed transaction execution. This field exists only if the transaction execution is failed. To save storage and network bandwidth, txError contains an integer value. The below table shows the meaning of the value in txError.

Error CodeDescription
0x02VM error occurs while running smart contract
0x03max call depth exceeded
0x04contract address collision
0x05contract creation code storage out of gas
0x06evm: max code size exceeded
0x07out of gas
0x08evm: write protection
0x09evm: execution reverted
0x0areached the opcode computation cost limit for tx
0x0baccount already exists
0x0cnot a program account (e.g., an account having code and storage)
0x0dHuman-readable address is not supported now
0x0efee ratio is out of range [1, 99]
0x0fAccountKeyFail is not updatable
0x10different account key type
0x11AccountKeyNil cannot be initialized to an account
0x12public key is not on curve
0x13key weight is zero
0x14key is not serializable
0x15duplicated key
0x16weighted sum overflow
0x17unsatisfiable threshold. Weighted sum of keys is less than the threshold.
0x18length is zero
0x19length too long
0x1anested composite type
0x1ba legacy transaction must be with a legacy account key
0x1cdeprecated feature
0x1dnot supported
0x1esmart contract code format is invalid
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