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System Requirements

H/W Specification

The network performance is measured based on the worst hardware specification within the network. According to the blockchain network structure, it is only possible to be scaled up vertically (increasing hardware capacity). Hence, it is recommended that all the nodes within the network should have the best hardwares having the similar specifications with each other at least.

If you're curious about the rationale of this hardware spec, the medium article Determining optimal hardware specs for Klaytn node operators would help you understand.

The following sections show the recommended specifications for both CNs and PNs.

Bare-metal Server

ServerIntel® Server System M50CYP1UR212
CPUIntel® Xeon 8358 2.60 GHz (32-core/64-thread)
Memory128GB (32GB * 4)
Storage4TB (or larger size) SSD (The preferred storage size and configuration could differ depending on the chain data size. Please consult the Klaytn Team for more information.)

Note that this is a recommended hardware specification for CNs and PNs, not an exact requirement. Any physical machine with similar hardware configurations would be sufficient to operate a CN or a PN.

You can use and apply a live-pruning option to use live-pruning DB. For more details, please refer However, note that live-pruning spec is not recommended for CNs but this may change in the future.

Cloud VM

Node TypeModelvCPUMemory (GiB)Storage size (GiB)Storage speed (IOPS)Price (Seoul region, USD/h)
CNm6i.8xlarge321284,000 (Minimum)9,0001.888
PNm6i.4xlarge16644,000 (Minimum)9,0000.944
PN (with Live Pruning DB)m6i.2xlarge8323,500 (Minimum)9,0000.472

This storage specification is derived from AWS EBS SSD (gp3) specification.

The information above is from and and may be changed by AWS.

Node TypeModelvCPUMemory (GiB)Storage type (GiB)Storage speed (IOPS)Price (Korea Central, USD/h)
CND32s v532128P50 (4096)75001.888
PND16s v51664P50 (4096)75000.944
PN (with Live Pruning DB)D8s v5832P50 (4096)75000.472

This storage specification is derived from Azure Premium Disk specification.

The information above is from and and may be changed by Microsoft.

Node TypeModelvCPUMemory (GiB)Storage type (GiB)Storage speed (IOPS)Price (asia-northeast3, USD/h)
CNn2-standard-32321284,000 (Minimum)75002.032486
PNn2-standard-1616644,000 (Minimum)75001.016243
PN (with Live Pruning DB)n2-standard-88323,500 (Minimum)75000.508121

The information above is from and and may be changed by Google.

Storage Requirements

Assuming 100 TPS in average, 300 bytes average transaction size, and 1-second block latency, the expected daily storage requirement is about 2.5 GB/day (=300x100x86400).

Operating System

Recommended environment is compatible with RHEL (7.8 or later). Klaytn binaries are fully tested on Amazon Linux 2, but they should work on other linux-based environments as well. macOS binaries are also provided for development purpose.

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