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Run EN using docker

Download the image​

Choose an image tag from klaytn/klaytn:latest is the recent release version. But you can choose a specific version. Currently, only linux/amd64 platform is supported. The container might not work correctly in Windows or Mac hosts.

docker pull klaytn/klaytn:latest

docker pull klaytn/klaytn:v1.12.0

Prepare configuration file​

You can start from the existing configuration file. To obtain the template kend.conf configuration file,

mkdir -p conf
docker run --rm klaytn/klaytn:latest cat /klaytn-docker-pkg/conf/kend.conf > conf/kend.conf

Then edit the configuration. At least the DATA_DIR and LOG_DIR has to be specified. This guide will assume /var/kend/data.

echo "DATA_DIR=/var/kend/data" >> conf/kend.conf
echo "LOG_DIR=/var/kend/logs" >> conf/kend.conf

Fast Sync from chaindata snapshot (Optional)​

Synching from the genesis block is time-consuming. You may perform a fast sync by downloading a snapshot of the chain data before starting the EN. This can dramatically reduce the time the EN will spend syncing on the first startup.

Download the latest chaindata snapshot from the following links:

Then uncompress:

tar -C data -xvf klaytn-cypress-chaindata-latest.tar.gz

Start the container​

Expose the RPC port, which is 8551 unless you have modified in the kend.conf. Mount the configuration directory conf/ and chaindata directory data/. Then run kend start to start the daemon and tail -f to print the logs.

mkdir -p data
docker run -d --name ken \
-p 8551:8551 \
-v $(pwd)/conf:/klaytn-docker-pkg/conf \
-v $(pwd)/data:/var/kend/data \
klaytn/klaytn:latest \
/bin/bash -c "kend start && touch /var/kend/logs/kend.out && tail -f /var/kend/logs/kend.out"

Attaching to the console​

docker exec -it ken ken attach --datadir /var/kend/data

Stopping the container​

To prevent chaindata corruption, gracefully shut down the ken.

docker exec -it ken kend stop
docker stop ken
docker rm ken

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