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System Requirements

Running an Endpoint Node (EN) requires relatively higher hardware specifications compared to the ones for Ethereum or other blockchains, because EN has to validate blocks generated by the full-fledged Consensus Nodes equipped with enterprise-grade hardware.

For the ENs, the following specifications are recommended.

H/W Specification ​

Cloud VM ​

vCPUMemory (GiB)Storage (GiB)Disk Bandwidth (Mbps)Network Bandwidth (Gbps)
864> 4,0003,500Up to 10

Bare-metal Machine ​

We do not specify the exact physical machine specification for EN, but any physical machine having hardware configuration similar to the one in the Cloud VM section would be sufficient to operate an EN.

Storage Requirements ​

Assuming 100 TPS in average, 300 bytes average transaction size, and 1-second block latency, the expected EN daily storage requirement is 2.5 GB/day (=300x100x86400).

Operating System ​

Recommended environment is Amazon Linux 2. Klaytn binaries are fully tested on Amazon Linux 2, but they should work on other linux-based environments as well. macOS binaries are also provided for development purpose.

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